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Check this page regularly for the best in UK poker tournaments. We list here some of the best known sites, from large well-known UK based companies that provide regular tournaments for players, ranging from small sit- n' goes to satellites and large tournaments.


William Hill Poker offers a wide range of tournament play :

Single table tournaments
Nine players, one table, one goal. Single table tournaments are fill and go tournaments available at a wide range of buy-ins and with three prize places from nine.

Multi-table tournaments
Multi-table tournaments are the ultimate tournament experience, as you pit your wits against hundreds of players for a share of the prize pool. Buy-ins start at low prices and cover a range of values. There are also regular freerolls as well if you don't want to risk any of your hard-earned.

Speed tournaments
Speed Tournaments offer double the speed games which are completed in half the time. Blinds increase every two minutes making the games ideal if you are time-limited or just don't like waiting around when playing.


Both of the rooms above offer a wide range of poker tournaments and are secure sites with proven track records for fairness. Either make a good destination for players looking for single or multi-table tournaments.

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