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Winning Poker Tips

The most important tip for a beginner to remember and act on without fail is to fold as quickly as possible if you have a poor hand. Playing winning poker is almost as much about cutting your losses as counting your winnings.

Never play at a table in which you don't feel confortable.

Start small and don't play poker for larger amounts until you have mastered the basics of the poker game.

Watch what the other players are doing, and the way in which they bet each hand, for instance, waiting until the last card before betting on an excellent hand. Or perhaps, one that bets in every round, making them easy meat for a better player. Ttry to spot the stronger players as well as the weaker ones. Try to work out when the players are most likely to be bluffing.

If you have a strong hand that you believe could collect the pot, raise the hand as much as possible and make the other players pay dearly for the privilege of staying in the game but if its a slow game, pace yourself so you don't scare the rest off. Remember you want as much in the pot as possible before you win it.

Playing and winning poker is great but don't play with more than you can afford, the bills still have to be paid!!

Don't let the speed of the other players affect your judgement, if you need a few more seconds to check out your hand, take your time and use them.

When learning poker, always remember that the object is to beat the other hands so don't get carried away with the betting. The next hand won't be long in coming and if your cards aren't worth betting on your money will disappear.

Above all, ride with the highs and lose as little as possible.

Poker is an increasingly popular game to play but remember to play responsibly.

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Don't play with more than you can afford to lose.

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