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Paddy Power Poker Review

Paddy Power Poker, the Irish company that lays claim to being Ireland's largest and most popular bookmakers has now gone online with its poker games . Paddy Power Poker isn't just aimed at the Irish though with 24 hour support for Ireland, the UK and the rest of the World.

When you first go to the Paddy Power Poker website, you'll notice a few things that are slightly different than many other online poker rooms. The most obvious one is that Paddy Power don't seem to be pushing their play for money poker games down the visitors throat, they offer you the chance to browse round and read frequently updated poker articles, news and offline tournament reports. There is also a section with various published newsletters if you'd like to read a little about whats going on in the world of online poker and Paddy Power in particular.

Another feature of the Paddy Power Poker website that appealed to me was the vast amount of learning materials available. The Poker Academy is aimed at all skill ranges and provides helpful information to help help teach you how to play better poker.

For beginners, the Academy features many similar article to the ones found within the site, including how to value your hand, explanations of the terms you may hear banded about and an excellent poker odds calculator. The calculator can be put into action when you're playing to let you quickly work out the odds of your pre-flop hand becoming the winning hand. Of course, this is poker and things don't always work out as they should but the calculator will let you assess you chances more accurately and will guide new players, showing them which hands they should be playing and which ones should be folded.

The Paddy Power Poker rooms themselves are easy to download and install and only takes a few minutes, even on a fairly slow connection. I had no problem is downloading and registration for a poker account was simple and straightforward.

Overall, this site seems to be very professionally run and operates with the backing of the Paddy Power brand which is reasurring. Their Doctor Jack feature allows you to ask questions about how you should have played a hand or other questions relating to poker games in general. It's nice to get some one on one help and feedback from a poker site. It all makes for a refreshing change.

Player Promotions

Paddy Power Poker run various promotions for players - for full details of the latest promotions check out the Paddy Power Poker website details.

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