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Learning poker isn't as hard or as daunting as some would make you believe. I don't believe whatsoever that some people struggle to learn the basics and are able to play a game with real people very quickly.

Certainly poker can be difficult to master but, like any game, a bit of practice will set you on your way to mastering poker. Where better for beginning poker than online? You can play for fun with no money involved at all until you master the basics of the game. The beauty of playing online is that nobody cares who you are and if you mess up a hand don't need to feel embarrassed or a little daft. After all, you will never see the opponents or probably play them again. When beginning poker, it is surprising how much this helps!

All of the Uk poker rooms listed on this site allow you to Play for Free and this is highly recommended until you feel you know the rules and are ready to play for real money. You may well find that after an hour or so you can take on the world and if you feel condident enough, have a go playing for real. When learning poker though, keep the stakes low and play on a low value table.

Beginning poker, a good place to start, and possibly even before you get dealt a card, is to read our page on valuing a poker hand. This will give an insight into which hands are likely winner and which hands aren't so hot. You'll find the link to this page in the menu on the right.

Beginning poker, you would be best advised to learn only one of the variants, there are 4 main types of poker games played online and these are Texas Hold Em, Seven card Stud, Omaha and Five Card Stud. The most popular of these and therefore the recommended one for beginning poker with is Texas Hold Em. You can study the rest another time. For now read our Texas Hold Em Rules and go from there.

When you have an understanding of the game, pick a poker room to download and get playing for fun. You will be able to gauge yourself when to play for real, but theres no rush so take your time.

For beginning poker we would recommend Paddy Power's Poker Room, see below, as a great place to start. There are lots of titbits of information to be found on the site that will help you on your way when beginning poker.

Good luck and we'll see you at the tables!


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A great place for beginning poker, although any of the rest listed on this site will be of great benefit. Learning poker is fun.

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