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Poker Table Limits and Betting Types

One of the most common questions we asked by beginners to poker is, "How do the table types and betting limits work in poker?"

There are three types of betting at tables, limit poker, no limit poker and pot limit. They are explained in brief below, beginners should familiarise themselves with the types before playing poker for the first time :


With limit poker games, the table limits are set at the beginning, each round of betting then follows the limits laid down.

For example, you may play at a £1/£2 table or a £10/£20 table. In the first example, the first and second rounds of betting would be a minimum of £1 and a £1 raise. This is followed by £2 for each subsequent round and raise until the end of the poker hand. There may be a maximum of 1 bet and 3 raises in each round of betting. This includes a bet, raise, re-raise and a cap. After this the next card must be dealt by the dealer.

No Limit

In no limit, the first betting round would have to be at least the size of the big blind value for the table, as normal in poker games whether limit or not. A valid bet must then be at least the size of the blind set for the game in the opening round of betting but with no maximum. The sky's the limit as they say!

After the opening round the bet must be at least half of the last bet. There is no maximum number of raises and there is no limit on the amount that the pot can be raised.

Pot Limit

In pot limit the first round of betting is at least the size of the big blind value for the table.
Thereafter, a pot limit bet is the limited to the maximum size of the current pot.

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