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Ladbrokes Poker is probably one of the largest UK poker rooms online and it's certainly the busiest in Europe. Ladbrokes Poker was launched in 2002 and now has over 100,000 players registered from all over the world although the vast majority of them are European.

Ladbrokes Poker rooms have been built online with the same quality and customer service we've come to expect from this leading brand and they also offer a wide range of skill and casino games, as well as their sportsbook operations.

Although based in the UK and aimed at the European market in general, all play in in Dollars, but don't worry, you deposit in pounds and it's converted over and back again when you withdraw your winnings.

Well over 20,000 different people play online with Ladbrokes Poker each day, keeping the games fresh and there is always many thousands of players online at any one time. At peak times, there are well over 10,000 people online, all looking to play poker.

If your based in the US however, unfortunately you cannot register or play here. Sorry. But it's great news for the rest of us! With the majority of the top professionals and strong players living in the US, they can't get into the games on offer at Ladbrokes. This is common with online sites and is to comply with US laws and regulations.

Ladbrokes Poker actually pays out more than $10 Million each day to poker players!

Starting to play with Ladbrokes is quick and easy, follow these simple steps -

Step 1 Click through to Ladbrokes Poker;
Step 2 Click and download the software;
Step 3 Open a Real Money account - it only takes a few minutes and is safe and secure;
Step 4 Make a chip purchase and start playing.

Being such a recognised and trusted brand has worked well for Ladbrokes and they are currently spreading all over Europe and into other areas as their on and off-line businesses continue to grow. With the quality software and thousands of players to play with, Ladbrokes Poker is going to be around for a very long time and I expect will grow, even larger, quickly.

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