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Although Poker Stars allows dollar play only they must be worth a mention due to the amount of champion poker players that they produce and you can still make your deposit in pounds. The likes of 2003 World Series of Poker Champion Chris Moneymaker, or the 2004 winner Greg Reymer. Both qualified online from Poker Stars and made it all the way to the Million Dollar plus prizes. This makes Poker Stars a prime choice for new aspiring poker players wishing to emulate the sucesses of the past in tournament play.

Poker Stars is quick to download and get running with, in fact, one of the easiest we've seen to get registered with minimal details to be entered. It's run on safe and secure servers so your details are as safe as houses. Poker Stars allow you to play with players from around the world for real or play money. Poker Stars is the only poker site where you are treated like the poker star you are or perhaps that should be "want to be!" Now theres no stopping you!

Play Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha and variations on these as well as a huge range of tournaments. There are thousands of players at any one time on Poker Stars and literally hundreds of tournaments running.

A huge range of satellite tournaments are available so if you're good enough you can play in the finals of the big tournaments for little and sometimes no cost!

Some of the main features are. Poker Stars take smaller rakes, making the winning pots larger and the playing go longer. Player images can be displayed right beside your name at the table - put whatever image you like in or your photo. You can also take notes about the players you meet that can be referred back to at a later date - great for tournament play!

All in all, Poker Stars is a very popular online poker room in which you can play and practice your poker playing skills. It has a huge range of playing options and massive amounts of players.

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