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Bet Fred Poker is brought to us by the world's largest independant and UK based bookmaker, Fred Done. Famous for his bookmaking activities, Bet Fred has gone online with the game of the moment - poker.

It's nice to see Bet Fred Poker online, if only due to the fact that it's still owned and run by Fred, bringing some family values to an industry dominated by conglomerates and plc companies. That may even be a reason we prefer Bet Fred Poker over some of the other available online poker rooms.

One slightly negative point is that you can't play Bet Fred with pounds. This is a problem mentioned in a few of the reviews on this site as some of the large poker sites only allow dollars play even when they are primarily UK based. Daft if you ask us but nevermind, it doesn't affect the great games and gameplay one little bit. Just deposit the amount you want and let Bet Fred and you credit card company sort out the money conversion - it costs nothing after all.

Bet Fred Poker host a wide range of tournaments in which to play including many freerolls, multi-table tournaments, satellites to the larger tournaments, sit n go's and heads up tournaments. Cash poker games are great but at least every once in a while, we all like the thrill of a live poker tournament and the Bet Fred Poker rooms don't disappoint where tournaments are concerned. There are huge cash prizes to be handed over to the lucky winners.

Bet Fred Poker tournaments, both multi and single table, available at multi-table or single table games, range from low to high buy-in amounts there are plenty of freerolls as well. We all like them as they cost nothing to enter.

To play, if your a Windows XP user, you may have to enable the active X control to allow the Bet Fred poker games to play. To do this, a reminder will appear at the top of your browsers screen, just right click on it and click to install active x controls.

In summary, Bet Fred Poker lets you play great poker games with players from all over the UK and beyond. Being a well-known and trusted brand, all within the confines of a large family run business that gives you security, friendliness and a warm fuzzy feeling of using a trusted site.

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